System Integration

When developing a high-tech, software intensive system, the development is typically split up into multiple components developed by multiple teams. These components need to be combined to create the system as a whole. The individual components might be according to specification, while the system as a whole does not meet the specified functionality, performance or cost.

This course, offered by our partner ESI,  provides an overview of strategies, processes and methods to integrate a system in an (cost) effective way. In addition it provides a stepwise integration approach based on principles such as early integration, verification and validation. This approach allows to validate the growing realization of the product against requirements and expectations in order to find any flaw at the earliest possible stage. It prevents the integration process to become “uncontrollable” due to a multitude of failures, errors, and faults.

Medical Device Training for Engineers

Engineering talent is scarce. Engineering talent that has a good understanding of the medical device regulations is even scarcer. Often, there is a misunderstanding between the regulatory & quality department and the engineering teams.

We provide medical device awareness training for system and software architects, designers and engineers, applying the regulations on their own work.

System Engineering

In collaboration with the hightech institute, Dirk-Jan is one of the trainers for the systems thinking & engineering to PD Eng students of the TU Eindhoven.

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